100% Gazprom JSC subsidiary LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» (former Podzemgazprom Ltd.) is a smooth-running high-tech company. Main part of the job is full-scale design and research work on construction, operation and abandonment of underground storages for natural gas, oil, hydrocarbons and liquids and derivative products in rock salt and permafrost.
LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» is the leading research and development organization in the field of underground storage as well as burial of industrial waste. For more than 50 years the company has been developing technologies and equipment for construction and operation of underground storages, some of them are one-of-the-kind.

Skilled workforces contribute to high company performance. There are numerous highly skilled professionals, qualified scientists and engineers in the company. The principal strategy of LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» is to secure Gazprom JSC corporate interests in ensuring continuous supply of fuel to customers by means of creation of gas, oil and hydrocarbons spare capacities.
LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» works out new high technologies of oil and gas preparation for transport to both Russian and foreign consumers. Also the high-performance oil products underground storage method as consistent with the objectives of state material reserve in the national security system of the Russian Federation is under development.
Company news

The management meeting with young specialists of Society
On November 12, 2013 the management meeting with young specialists took place. The questions concerning scientific, practical and economic activity of the enterprise were discussed at the meeting

Attention! The name of the organization was changed
On October 17, 2013 the Society name was changed. Since October 17, 2013 full name is the Geotechnology Gazprom Limited liability company.

Commissioning of the first stage of the Kaliningrad underground gas capacitances
The festive events devoted to commissioning of the first stage of the Kaliningrad underground gas capacitances in rocky salt in the Kaliningrad region took place.