LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» offers its services in the following types of work:

Preparation of design documentation effecting the safety of capital construction projects:
  • preparing the layout of the land under the project;
  • development of the architectural concept;
  • development of structural and space-planning concepts;
  • preparation of the information about technical equipment, utility systems, the list of engineering arrangements and the description of technological solutions
  • preparation of the construction management project
  • preparation of the demolition or breakdown management project
  • development of environment protection measures
  • development of fire safety measures
  • preparation of the easement area design for the linear project
  • development of technological and structural concepts for the linear project
  • preparation of materials connected with protection of buildings and constructions, as provided under the section “Other Documents in Cases Provided for by the Federal Laws”.

Underground surveying:
  • spatial and geometric measurements of mines and underground facilities, determination of their parameters, location and conformity to design documentation
  • monitoring of mining allotment and validation of their borders
  • maintenance of graphic mining documentation
  • accounting and validation of mining scope
  • determination of dangerous areas and measures for protection of mines, buildings, constructions and natural objects from impacts of operations related to subsurface use.

Cartographic activity performance:
  • development and control of geographic information system of federal and local relevance;
  • designing, compilation and publishing of cartographic teaching aids, geographical, administrative, scientific and other topic maps and atlases of intersectoral relevance;
  • development and control of special-purpose geographic information system;
  • creation and publishing of topic maps, plans and atlases of special-purpose in graphic and digital form;
  • cartographic research and development works.

Membership in non-commercial partnership "Self-regulated organization Oil and Gas Complexes Constructors Association".

Activities on carrying out expert examination of industrial safety: expert examination of design documentation for construction, expansion, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, conservation and liquidation of dangerous industrial projects and technical devices used at hazardous production facilities.

Competency certificate for capital construction objects safety.

Activities related to the use of information constituting a state secret.

Right to handle radioactive waste.

Right to construct on-site facilities of local relevance for radioactive waste storage.

Right to operate and maintain on-site facilities of non-local relevance for radioactive waste storage.

Testing activities according to the accreditation area.

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