LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» management:

Khloptsov Valery Gennadievich - General Director, Candidate of Science.
Kazaryan Varazdat Amayakovich - Deputy General Director for Science, Doctor of Engineering Science.
Chudnovsky Dmitriy Markovich - Engineer In-Chief, Deputy Director General, Candidate of Science.
Malushitsky Anton Alexandrovich - Deputy General Director for Human Recourses and Legal Services.
Teplov Yury Nikolaevich - Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance.
Ustinova Olga Felixovna - Chief Accountant.

Structure and staff:

LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» have plenty of highly-skilled professionals in the field of geology, geophysics, geomechanics, mining engineering, technology, chemistry and ecology, among which are 4 doctors of science and 20 candidates of science.

There are scientific research, project and contract manufacturing departments in LLC «Gazprom geotechnology».

There are also 4 manufacturing subsidiaries in LLC «Gazprom geotechnology»:
  • Astrakhanpodzemgazprom;
  • Orenburgpodzemgazprom;
  • Kaliningradpodzemgazprom;
  • Volgogradpodzemgazprom;
and Representative Office of LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» in the republic of Armenia.