International cooperation

      More than 100 storages have been constructed in Russia and CIS countries using technologies developed by our specialists. We effect cooperation with France, Germany, Turkey, China, Bulgaria and other countries.
      The level of LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» research and development work corresponds to that the best world counterparts which has been repeatedly proven in different conferences and symposiums. LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» has entered the most active cooperation in the field of scientific research with a French company, Gas de France and German companies E.ON Ruhrgas AG, VNG (Verbundnetz Gas), UGS (Untergrudspeicher). LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» takes active part in the operation of the SMRI (Solution Mining Research Institute), an international organization uniting scientists and engineers, working in the area of development of mining technologies by underground rock salt dissolution as well as in the area of construction of underground storages for various purposes. The company has been an active partaker in sessions of the International Gas Congress since 1967.

      The company cooperates with many enterprises and organizations in Gazprom JSC structure:
      LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» comes in contact with a wide range of both Russian and foreign organizations and companies: