The Quality Management System

Gazprom Geotechnology LLC Quality Management System was created in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2000 «Quality Management Systems. Requirements» and has been implemented with effect from the moment of the adoption in 2003. As a result of certification audits performed in November 2004, certificates in TUV CERT and «Mosstroysertifikatsiya» systems were obtained.

The company Management Integrated System was implemented in December 2012 and in June 2013 Gazprom Geotechnology LLC had a clean ISO 9001:2008 TIC CERT re-certification compliance audit (certificate № TIC15 100 31672, 13.08.2013, «Mosstroysertifikatsiya» certificate № RU.MCC. 140.179.01561, 29.10.2013). It had also a clean ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certification compliance audit (certificate № TIC15 104131118 and TIC15 116 13472 от 26.07.2013). The company activities include full-scale design and research work on construction and operation of underground storages for natural gas, oil and derivative products.

Gazprom Geotechnology LLC Management Integrated System Policy

Gazprom Geotechnology LLC is the leading research and development company in the sphere of various applications underground storages construction.
Taking into consideration that underground storage is a hazardous facility and withall has a strategic impact, Gazprom Geotechnology LLC responsibility is to provide environmental security and people safety.
The corporate management team keeps to the Integrated System Policy terms and takes an active role in regard to protection of the environment, health concerns and safety of work.

I Gazprom Geotechnology LLC Quality Policy
The top priority of Gazprom Geotechnology LLC business activities based on compliance with regulatory requirements and performance discipline is the continuous provision of high quality of output products and services aimed at the best comprehension and satisfaction of consumers.
Due to constant improvement work on methods and technology Gazprom Geotechnology LLC keeps the lead in the sphere of research, design and construction of underground storages in rock salt and permafrost.

II Gazprom Geotechnology LLC Ecology Policy
Gazprom Geotechnology LLC follows Gazprom JSC Ecology Policy and takes accident-preventive measures to reduce harmful operational impact.
The company keeps within the environmental law in any business activity and does the best to make an efficient use of natural resources.

III Gazprom Geotechnology LLC Health, Safety and Environment Policy
Gazprom Geotechnology LLC stands to Gazprom JSC Health, Safety and Environment Policy.
The company takes responsibility for the Health, Safety and Environment Policy in strict adherence to law, works up social welfare and de-risking issues and considers them as a critical item and an important feature of management and administration.