The Young Professionals Board of LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» being part of the integrated board structure Gazprom JSC, was officially registered and started operating on the 29th of September, 2006. Board meetings are held several times a month for the purpose of discussing issues related to work as well as leisure which is thoroughly reflected in minutes of the meetings. Representatives of virtually all company structural divisions are assigned as members of the Board in order to provide most unbiased view of issues under discussion.
The management structure of the Board is as follows:

Dmitry V. Kanalin - Chairman of the Board, Researcher of the Department of Geology and Conservation of Resources. E-mail:
Dmitry S. Slastunov - Deputy Chairman of the Board, scientific and production field of activity. E-mail:
Andrey E. Terentiev - Deputy Chairman of the Board, field of activity - general issues. E-mail:
Anastasia G.Polishchuk - Secretary. E-mail:

The following initiative group of the Board has been elected:

In the field of scientific, project and production activity:
  •       underground storage in rock salt - Mikhail Babayan
  •       underground storage in permafrost - Oleg Savich
  •       UGS designing - Anastasia Polishchuk
  •       production and technical operation - Eugenia Nikitina
  •       geomechanics survey of rocks and earth materials - Gennady Voronov
  •       ecology and GIS issues – Nadezhda Pershina
  •       hydrogeochemical survey – Ekaterina Kanalina
In the field of social and union activity:
  •       sport and tourism – Ruslan Starostin
  •       cultural events – Anastasia Rogovaya
  •       public activity - Yunna Chilyakova
  •       interaction between Young Professionals Board and Union - Ekaterina Kanalina
  •       social and staff policy – Yulia Mikhailova