A total of about a hundred of underground reservoirs for liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon storage have been built and operated based on technologies developed by LLC «Gazprom geotechnology».

      The major projects constructed in rock salt in Russia and CIS countries include a number of storages for oil products (petroleum, diesel fuel, gas condensate), natural and liquefied gas (propane, butane, propylene, butylene) in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Belarus, in Ukraine and Armenia.

      The two-level underground storage of liquefied hydrocarbon gas (propane, butane) built in Armenia, as well as the helium concentrate storage in Orenburg region are unique facilities unparalleled in the world practice.

The projects of LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» are:

In operation:
  • The storage for gas condensate at the Orenburg Helium Refinery;
  • The storage for unstable gas condensate at Orenburg gas condensate field;
  • The pilot plant equipment for gas field treatment at Orenburg gas condensate field;
  • The underground reservoirs for blowing of gas condensate wells at Astrakhan gas condensate field;
  • Sayanskhimprom ethylene underground storage (Zima);
  • The Chukotka light oil product storage;
  • The gas condensate underground storage at Mastakhsky gas condensate field
  • The Kashkarsk liquefied hydrocarbon gas and ethylene storage;
  • The Yar-Bishkadak light oil product storage;
  • The Kazayak light oil product storage;
  • The pilot plant for oil field treatment at Kuzminovsky area;
  • The light oil product storage at Nyoman Integrated Plant;
  • The Tallinn storage for light oil products;
  • The Yerevan natural gas storage;
  • The butane complex for the Yerevan gas supply reserve.
Under construction:
  • The Volgograd underground gas storage;
  • The underground storage complex for Astrakhan gas condensate field;
  • The underground storage complex for Orenburg gas condensate field;
  • Pribaikaliye State Unitary Integrated Plant with Rosreserv;
  • The brine preparation area of for the Talakan gas and oil field flooding.
Design supervision:
  • The underground storage complex in the Republic of Bashkortostan;
  • Sayanskhimprom ethylene underground storage;
  • The Yerevan underground gas storage;
  • Nyoman Integrated Plant in the Republic of Belarus.
Under development:
  • The Kaliningrad underground gas storage;
  • The Novomoskovsk underground gas storage (Tula Region);
  • The Berezniki underground gas storage;
  • Tuz Golu (Turkey).