Flexibility of underground storages in rock salt deposits consists in the possibility of storing gas, oil and condensate as well as their derivatives therein.
Underground natural gas storages are used to adjust irregular gas consumption, first of all to serve peak loads under conditions of considerable and extreme temperature drops.
Importance is attributed to creation of underground storages in rock salt for the purpose of raw gas condensate collection, preparation of gas for transportation, burial of industrial waste, field treatment of oil and gas, gas well blowing.
In addition to hydrocarbon collection and storage, underground storages are assumed to be used for technological purposes: inertia-gravity separation of gas condensate mixtures and watercut liquid hydrocarbons, i.e. field treatment of raw materials produced for preparation their of to separate transportation.

LLC «Gazprom geotechnology» has worked for more than 50 years in the following domains:
  • Development of technologies and equipment for construction and operation of underground storages for oil and gas products and industrial waste burial in rock salt and other stable rocks including permafrosts;
  • Design and development of underground storages of gas, oil and their derivatives;
  • Expertise of projects and estimates in the matter of underground storage construction;
  • Geological and hydrogeological surveys for evaluation of area suitability for construction of all the types of underground storage facilities;
  • Development of application programs for calculation of stable shapes and sizes of underground storages;
  • Geomechanical stabilization of operating wells in mining and geological environments in the matter of underground oil product storage and gas production;
  • Development of application programs for determination of technological parameters of underground storage construction and operation;
  • State diagnostics and repair of wells and boreholes, sonic survey of underground openings, soil vapor surveys, gas geochemical and other types of special studies in the process of construction, operation and reconstruction of underground storages;
  • Analysis of thermophysical and physical mechanical properties of rocks and storage products;
  • Environment monitoring of underground storages;
  • Scientific and technological support of underground storage construction and operation processes at all stages.
Research and development work is performed in the following areas:
  • Geology;
  • Technology;
  • Ecology;
  • Geomechanics;
  • At radiation-hazardous sites of Gazprom JSC.
Design and survey work is performed in the areas of:
  • Underground storage projects;
  • Drilling projects;
  • Investment projects;
  • Projects of GGO (Giprogazoochistka Company).
Research and development work is performed in the area of:
  • Registering instrument development and manufacture.
Contract work is performed at the following projects/sites:
  • Vega (Astrakhan region);
  • Sapphire (Orenburg region);
  • Magistral (Orenburg region);
  • "Каmа-1" (Bashkiria);
  • "Каmа-2" (Bashkiria);
  • Water brine complex, Volgograd;
  • Water brine complex, Kaliningrad.